Aquagenx Compartment Bag Test Validates Effectiveness of Helioz WADI Device for Solar Disinfection of Water

Helioz, the innovator of the Aqueduct gadget for sunlight based water sterilization, now utilizes the Aquagenx Compartment Pack Test to approve the viability of the Watercourse as a solid marker of sun based water sanitization and to guarantee drinking water does not contain risky E. coli microbes.

Helioz is an Austrian social undertaking occupied with the advancement and offer of reasonable items for family units in low pay nations. In association with a nearby NGO, Helioz started a mediation program to supply clean drinking water to a group of around 10,000 individuals in Mabarara, Western Uganda utilizing sunlight based water sterilization (SODIS) in conjunction with their Channel gadget.

This region in Western Uganda has generally low surrounding temperatures, which presents challenges for on location water quality testing in the field.

One of the primary reasons Helioz chose he Aquagenx Compartment Sack Test (CBT) water quality test pack for their field work to test for E. coli microbes is the CBT defeats barricades to water quality testing in lower atmospheres.

The CBT empowers encompassing temperature hatching at 25 degrees Celsius or more, and works at variable temperatures without requiring power or a hatchery. Helioz additionally received the CBT on account of its transportability and usability in low asset zones.

Helioz tried a town drinking water source with CBT Packs to evaluate E. coli microorganisms in 100 mL water tests. This source was known to have abnormal amounts of E. coli, as it is close bovine fields. Since surrounding temperatures were similarly low (beneath 29 degree Celsius amid the day and underneath 20 degree Celsius during the evening), they hatched CBT tests at encompassing temperatures for the suggested 48-hour brooding period in colder atmospheres.

CBT test comes about affirmed the water source was hazardous to drink. Most examples contained more prominent than 100 E. coli per 100 mL, putting them in the Risky wellbeing hazard class. Helioz then separated the same profoundly sullied tests through a cotton fabric to lessen turbidity, emptied the water into a plastic jug and put it in the sun alongside their Aqueduct. Following 2.75 hours, the Channel affirmed the water was protected to drink.

At long last, Helioz tried this sanitized water with the CBT and results uncovered zero E. coli, demonstrating the Channel guarantees water is protected to drink and sun oriented sanitization murders risky E. coli microorganisms.

Juri Wawra, Extend Director at Helioz says “We will totally keep utilizing the CBT. It’s an awesome test since it’s anything but difficult to utilize, gives test comes about rapidly and requires not very many materials.”

“Despite the fact that we didn’t have a comparator with these particular specimens,” proceeds with Wawra, “the clearly polluted nature of the source and the known capacity of utilizing SODIS to pulverize E. coli affirmed that all tests were exact. The CBT is a phenomenal answer for test for E. coli, the most dependable marker of fecal pathogens in water.”

About the Aquagenx Compartment Sack Test:

The Aquagenx Compartment Sack Test (CBT), is a basic, compact water quality test pack for E. coli microbes that produces evaluated, simple to-score, shading change test comes about. It is perfect for on location testing in low asset, country and debacle/crisis zones. No power, research centers, icy chain, costly hardware or gifted professionals are required to utilize the CBT. CBT Units are utilized all through the world by NGOs, compassionate help organizations, governments, privately owned businesses, colleges and farming operations.

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