Atlanta Artist Corey Barksdale Creates a Bold Mural in Downtown Newnan, Georgia

A fly of shading is being added to downtown Newnan as Atlanta-based craftsman Corey Barksdale makes the city’s second huge wall painting, supported by the Newnan Coweta Workmanship Affiliation’s Craftsman in-Living arrangement program. The piece can be found on Spring Road, on the outside mass of Glover Insurance agency confronting the mail station.

Barksdale landed in Coweta only one week prior and has gained extraordinary ground on the splendidly shaded painting numerous local people may portray as road, urban or open craftsmanship. Made in energetic essential hues, the work portrays the picture of two artists, both playing guitars.

“This wall painting is intense and ethnic and commends music,” said neighborhood workmanship teacher Bette Hickman. “This piece is altogether different from the principal downtown wall painting, yet I think it will mix in similarly too.”

Hickman is an individual from the Directorate for the Newnan Coweta Craftsmanship Affiliation’s Craftsman in-Living arrangement program, which gives craftsmen from over the world the chance to visit Newnan, for at least two weeks, keeping in mind the end goal to make workmanship in another condition.

“The board truly appreciated the principal wall painting painted by Molly Rose Freeman, and plans to bring more muralists into the ArtRez program,” Hickman said.

Like past ArtRez members, Barksdale presented an arrangement of work to the board in the wake of applying for the residency on the web. As per Hickman, board individuals enjoyed the Atlanta craftsman’s utilization of solid hues and element sythesis.

Newnan’s impermanent inhabitant concentrated Expressive arts at the Atlanta School of Craftsmanship, and from that point kept on delineating and express the African-American culture he found while contemplating in the city, as per online magazine wakezine (

“My pictures are illustrative of the encounters that I have had and how I recognize myself. The subjects mirror my group,” Barksdale said in a meeting with the magazine distributed in 2014. “The strong hues that I utilize have been with me from the earliest starting point. Much workmanship from Africa uses a portion of a similar shading mixes that I utilize.”

Barksdale additionally commented in the meeting that music is a major some portion of culture. He noticed that he appreciates jazz and oftens tunes in to music while painting. He said and tries to catch performers right now they appear to rise above into the music they are playing.

The craftsman will stay accessible to the group for the most recent week of his residency and will live in the Dim Bungalow, which was revamped to house going to specialists supported by the ArtRez program.

Atlanta Fine Craftsman Corey Barksdale Sketches

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