Brett Boyd: The Comeback Kid Returns To Music

Brett Boyd is a standout amongst the most interesting melodic acts around. He’s 30 going on 60; musically. He’s an old soul and can unmistakably catch the pith of profound lonely love melodies that nobody his age knows anything about. His style was once depicted as “on the off chance that he were the mystery adore offspring of Mel Torme and Judy Festoon”. What’s more, as appears to be so predominant in the music business, with incredible ability and capacity comes hardship and an abundance of evil presences. Brett started performing in night clubs at age 14, singing for his dinner yet not continually making it to class the following day. Following quite a while of featuring various jazz clubs and theaters, life had made up for lost time with him and landed him in the healing center with an incapacitating stomach infection. The torment was severe to the point that when he was discharged from the doctor’s facility, he was currently all out dependent on sedative agony drug. Sadly, he discovered the unforgiving reality behind the newly discovered pink cloud feeling he was encountering after it was past the point where it is possible to backpedal. For a considerable length of time Brett has fought these devils and has never surrendered. He is currently offering his story to the expectation of it revealing insight into the serious reality that such a variety of youngsters face today, some secretly.

Brett Boyd was as of late in Los Angeles, CA get ready for a shiny new collection extend that has been in progress for the most recent year, and is left to convey some new material and works of art to another setting, making his first open execution of 2017 at The Warwick Wine Cultivate & Piano Banish on Saturday April 29th from 7-10PM. The dazzling eatery and music setting is situated at 22 McEwen St., Warwick, NY and reservations ought to be made by calling 845-544-7754. Try not to miss it, the show is probably going to be an effective one!

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