Candy Buy Back Results Are Sweet

Kids discovered that helping other people has its own particular prizes. Grown-ups got the opportunity to feel like children again and the entire group came only somewhat nearer together.

It was all piece of Dental Partners of Connecticut’s yearly Halloween Sweet Purchase Back that occurred on November eighth. Kids came prepared to trade their packs, sacks, and pumpkins loaded with Occasion sweet for money.

“The current year’s Treat Purchase Back was a tremendous achievement. We’ve practically tripled the measure of sweet since the main year we began, and keep on growing every year,” says Janet Mossop, representative for Dental Partners of Connecticut.

The current year’s confection accumulation aggregates were truly great. Taking all things together, the four Dental Partners of Connecticut workplaces distributed $2,405 for 1,202.5 pounds of sweet gathered. Over the 14 years that Dental Partners has been putting forth the Confection Purchase Back program, very nearly 7 tons of treat has been gathered.

Where does all that sweet go you may ponder? The treat, alongside dental care bundles gets gave to our troops abroad through Operation Appreciation, Give the Children the World Town, the Ladies’ Focal point of More prominent Danbury and Yale Kids’ Clinic.

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