Dolly Unithan Named a Lifetime Achiever by Marquis Who’s Who

Dolly Unithan is an observed Marquis’ Who biographee. As in all Marquis’ Who true to life volumes, people profiled are chosen on the premise of current reference esteem. Variables, for example, position, imperative achievements, perceivability, and unmistakable quality in a field are altogether considered amid the choice procedure.

Marquis’ Who, the world’s chief distributer of true to life profiles, is pleased to name Ms. Unithan a Lifetime Achiever. A finished listee, Ms. Unithan praises many years’ involvement in her expert system, and has been noted for accomplishments, administration qualities, and the certifications and victories she has accumulated in her field.

About Visual Craftsman and Workmanship Keeper Dolly Unithan

Singular Shows:

2012 Westbeth Display, New York: Review Show. Sketches, Prints, 3-Dimensional Mixed media “Reflections”

1996 House of God of St. John the Perfect, St. Boniface House of prayer Exhibition, New York: Workmanship Establishment: “Birds”

1995 Heavenly attendant Orensanz Establishment, New York: Craftsmanship Establishment: “Pigeons”

1994 Gracie Chateau, New York: World Soccer Container Gathering: Site particular open installation:”Doves”

1991 Joined Countries Secretariat, New York: “Prints and Deals with Paper”

1990 Lyman Allyn Craftsmanship Exhibition hall, Glassenberg Display, New London, Connecticut: “Transcultural Pictures”

1987 Kerr Display, New York: Show of Sketches and Figure

1987 Perpetual Mission of Malaysia to the Unified Countries, New York: “The Energy of Paper”

1985 Craftsman’s Open Studio, New York: Presentation of Model, Depictions, Prints, Photos

1980 Citibank, New York: Malaysian Exchange Gathering: Display of Depictions

1979 Sharp Display, New York: Show of Depictions

1978 Sloan Display, Bolt Asylum State School, Pennsylvania: Presentation of Depictions

1977 American Relationship of State Schools and Colleges, Orlando: Display of Depictions

1975 Global Craftsmanship Center, London: “Light and Shadow Depictions”

Assemble Displays:

2016 Petronas Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: “Intersections: Pushing Limits”, Craftsmanship Establishment: “Pigeons”

2016 National Craftsmanship Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: “Timetables”

2015 Westbeth Display, New York: “Westbeth Yearly 2015”

2015 Joined Countries Secretariat, New York: “Joined Countries Joined Grins”

2014 Westbeth Display, New York: “Winter Appear”

2014 Whitebox Craftsmanship Center, New York: “CHINA: June 4, 1989 – 25th Commemoration Presentation”

2013 Westbeth Display, New York: “The Concede Appear”

2011 Westbeth Display, New York: “Occasion Bunch Appear”

2007 Regal Manor, Warsaw, Poland: “Grin”

2002 Asian American Expressions Center, New York: “The AAAC Story”

2002 Church of St. John the Perfect, Synod Lobby, New York: “Reflections During a period of Change”,

Asma Society, Craftsmanship Establishment: “Birds”

1999 Fire House, New York: Asian American Expressions Center, AAAC 25th Commemoration Festivity, Craftsmanship Establishment: “To the Thousand years”

1999 Turkish Center, New York: “Building Spans”

1998 Palais des Countries, Geneva, Switzerland: All inclusive Statement of Human Rights 50th Commemoration, Specialists for Peace Assn., Workmanship Establishment: “Birds”

1997 Tweed Display, New York: “The New American Craftsmanship Show”, Leader’s Office of Extraordinary Undertakings and Group Occasions

1997 Focal Youngsters’ and Youth Expressions Royal residence, Samarkand, Uzbekistan, Specialists for Peace Assn., Craftsmanship Establishment: “Pigeons”

1997 Samarkand Global Historical center of Peace and Solidarity, Samarkand, Uzbekistan, tenth Commemoration Exhibition hall Festivity, Craftsmen for Peace Assn., Workmanship Establishment: “Pigeons”

1996 Raiffeisenkasse, St. Ulrich, Austria: Youth Peace Summit, Specialists for Peace Assn., Workmanship Establishment: “Pigeons”

1996 Lasting Mission of Malaysia to the Assembled Countries, New York: “Three-Dimensional Mixed media Craftsmanship”

1996 Hillwood Workmanship Historical center, Brookville, New York: “Asian Combination”, Contemporary Asian Specialists in New York

1995 – 1995 Visiting Presentation, “Worldwide Concentration”, Ladies in Workmanship & Culture. Joined Countries Fourth World Gathering on Ladies

1995 China Workmanship Gallery, Beijing, China

1995 Joined States International safe haven, Beijing, China

1995 China World Exchange Center, Beijing, China

1995 Tweed Exhibition, New York: “From the Mythical serpent’s Cloud”, The Craftsmanship Commission of the City of New York, Festivity of Asian/Pacific American Legacy Month

1993 – 1995 Visiting Show, Craftsmen for Peace Assn., “Bertha von Suttner and Other Ladies in Quest for Peace”

1995 Staatsarchiv, Bern, Switzerland

1995 Staatsarchiv, Prinzen Palais, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

1994 Stadtbibliothek, Berlin, Germany

1994 Staatsarchiv, Hamburg, Germany

1994 Gathering on German Files, Cleanliness Gallery, Dresden, Germany

1994 Gedenkstatte Friedrich Ebert, Heidelberg, Germany

1994 Gedenkstatte Schloss, Rastatt, Germany

1994 Gedenkhalle Schloss, Oberhausen, Germany

1994 Bundesarchiv, Koblenz, Germany

1994 Peace Historical center, Remagen, Germany

1994 Bibliothek hide Zeitgeschicte, Stuttgart, Germany

1993 The Jewish Gallery, Vienna, Austria

1993 Gallery, City Morfeldon-Walldorf, Germany

1993 Association of Countries Chronicles, Palais des Countries, Geneva, Switzerland

1990 – 1994 Visiting Display, “China: June 4”

1994 Buckham Display, Stone, Michigan

1990 PS 1 Gallery, New York

1994 Tweed Display, New York: “A Festival of Asian Pacific American Workmanship”, The Craftsmanship Commission of the City of New York, Workmanship Establishment: “Pigeons”

1994 Westbeth Displays, New York: “Divided Substances”

1993 Tweed Display, New York: “We Tally! The Condition of Asian Pacific America”, Chairman’s Office for Asian Undertakings and Asian American Expressions Center, Workmanship Establishment: “Standards of Saints”

1992 Elsa Mott Ives Display, New York: “Utilization of Heaven”

1991 – 1992 National Craftsmanship Exhibition, Kuala Lumpur: “Salon Malaysia 91/92”

1991 Duane Display Space, New York: , “OIA Salon ’91”, Association of Free Craftsmen

1988 – 1988 Visiting Display, “Workmanship Journey ’88”:

1988 Hillwood Craftsmanship Historical center, Long Island College, Brookville, New York

1988 Beaver School Craftsmanship Exhibition, Glenside, Pennsylvania

1988 Irvine Expressive arts Exhibition, College of California, Irvine, California

1987 Kerr Display, New York: “The Front line of Workmanship Today”

1987 Wifredo Lam Center, Havana, Cuba: “Print Meet ’87”

1986 National Exhibition hall of Expressive arts, Havana, Cuba: “second Biennial of Havana”

1986 Carolyn Slope Display, New York: “The Specialty of Ladies from Creating Countries”

1984 Bayonne Community Center, Bayonne, New Jersey: “Focus on ’84”

1983 Thousand Armed force Court, Prospect Stop, New York: “Ethereal Figure Show”, The Rainbow Craftsmanship Establishment

1983 Fulton Ship State Stop, New York: “Flying Figure Show”, The Rainbow Craftsmanship Establishment

1982 Focal Stop, New York: “Ethereal Figure Show: De Kooning in the Sky”, The Rainbow Workmanship Establishment

1982 Barbara Walter Display, New York: “Dark, White and Dim”

1982 Giles Display, Eastern Kentucky College, Richmond: “An Asian Vision”

1982 The Native American People group House Display, New York: “The Four Headings”

1981 Option Exhibition hall, New York: “Ikon Logos”

1979 Present day Workmanship Center, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico: “Icarus Odyssey”, The Rainbow Craftsmanship Establishment, Display and Sky Occasions

1979 Option Historical center, New York: “Presentation of Sketches”

1977 – 1979 Visiting Presentation, Workmanship Rivalry winning determinations consideration into:

David Hockney’s “The Cleveland (UK) Third Global Drawing Biennale”

1979 The Parrish Workmanship Historical center, New York, N.Y.

1978 – 1979 Stop Center Exhibition, Cleveland,Ohio, USA

1978 City Exhibition hall & Craftsmanship Display, Gloucester, UK

1978 Contemporary Display, Warzawa, Poland

1978 BWA Display, Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Poland

1978 BWA Display, Szczecin, Poland

1978 Expressions Chamber Display, Belfast, Ireland

1978 Castle of Westminster, Places of Parliament, London

1978 The Herbert Display, Coventry, UK

1978 Exhibition hall and Craftsmanship Display, Carlisle, UK

1978 City Craftsmanship Display, Plymouth. UK

1977 Gallery of Craftsmanship, Hove, UK

1977 Craftsmanship Display, Middlesbrough, UK

1977 The President’s Display, Pratt Foundation, New York: Show of Compositions

1977 The Stedman Workmanship Exhibition, Rutgers College, Camden, New Jersey: “Rutgers National Drawing ’77”

1977 Union Carbide Presentation Exhibition, New York: “Specialists ’77”

1977 Lady Workmanship Exhibition, New York: “A Show inside a Show 2”

1976 Exercises Asset Center, Pratt Establishment, New York: Global Workmanship Presentation

1963 National Craftsmanship Display, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Yearly Workmanship Show


1991-1992 Allow, Pollock-Krasner Establishment, New York

1990 Documents of Contemporary Expressions (A.S.A.C.) consideration: Spoke to Malaysia, Venice Biennale 1990, Italy

1988 Honor of Brilliance in Figure, Craftsmanship Skylines, Global Workmanship rivalry, New York

1988 Workmanship Grant, Craftsmanship Mission ’88, Worldwide Workmanship Rivalry, California

1985 Craftsman Grant, The Rainbow Workmanship Establishment, New York

1979 Allow, Robert Blackburn Print Studio, New York

1976 – 1978 Grant, Mara, Malaysia, Graduate Expressive arts, Pratt Foundation, New York

1976 Concede, Lee Establishment, Singapore, Graduate Expressive arts, Pratt Foundation, New York

1976 Workmanship Justify Grant, Lady Craftsmanship Display, New York

1972 Give, Lee Establishment, Singapore, Undergrad Expressive arts, Hornsey School of Craftsmanship, London, UK


2016 Metropolitan Gallery of Craftsmanship, New York

2001 Library of Congress, Washington D.C.

2000 World Bank, Washington D.C.

1995 Changeless Mission of Malaysia to the Unified Countries Hq., New York

1990 Vero Shoreline Gallery of Craftsmanship, Vero Shoreline, Florida

1990 Asian American Expressions Center, New York

1988 Soul Establishment, New York

1987 Malaysian Government office, Washington, D.C.

1986 Wifredo Lam Center, Havana, Cuba

1986 Department General of Malaysia, New York

1983 American Relationship of State Schools and Colleges, Washington D.C.

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