Expedition MEN AND THE SEA – Sailing to the ROOTS of INSPIRATION

A Campaign TO THE Underlying foundations OF Motivation

The Worldwide Seaward Cruising Group will make a beeline for Cuban waters to investigate what it has implied for such a large number of who arrived here from the circumstances when the “New world” was found to the most recent crossroads ever. The blue ocean around Cuba, its green scene and the one of a kind enthusiasm of the Cuban Individuals – in any case where they live – motivated such a variety of over hundreds of years.

Campaign MEN AND THE Ocean ( is a praise to them. It is an activity of recognition and a stage of intercultural and interdisciplinary trade for ladies and men, for example, Antiquarians, Writing Fans, Mariners, NGO’s, Affiliations or individuals energetic for Cuba and its rich history.

The name of the Endeavor is plainly motivated by the novel of Honorable prizewinner Ernest Hemingway “The old man and the ocean”. The ocean enlivened him and in addition it propelled us and we are thankful for the numerous gems he cleared out to us.


“I trust that what you are doing with your gathering, Man and the Ocean, is something that my granddad would have been exceptionally satisfied to see. To recognize the individuals who kicked the bucket in the fights off the shoreline of Cuba is a honorable motion of compromise and recognition. Ernest Hemingway as a craftsman and as an angler was captivated by the Inlet Stream and by the men who experienced their lives on both sides of the Florida Straits. I wish that I could be there when you convey the Montegrappa Hemingway Pen to the Finca Vigia, yet I see all of you as agents of my granddad and what he had confidence in and cherished about the Cuban individuals and their history. Hence, the Pen is in great hands!”

The Worldwide Seaward Cruising Group ( trusts that it is imperative to visit the spots where history happened, to comprehend history better, as well as to recollect the occasions that affected the world in which we live in today.

The objective of GOST’s campaigns is dependably to attempt to get a feeling of the foundation and the battles of the occasions occurred adrift. By cruising to these spots – by the by on the off chance that they are at the pack ice outskirt or in the Caribbean – we would like to recollect and respect all the overcome ladies and men, whose life was associated with the ocean and the investigated occasions. The supporter of GOST’s last endeavor “Ice Sea Raptor” (, Chief of naval operations The Master Boyce KG, GCB, OBE, DL, has impeccably communicated our thought to combine the global participation on the level of the common society: Perhaps it is one of the principal times where such an activity outperforms any national considering. It begins at the heart of what every one of these men and ladies we recollect have been – mariners. Comradeship on ocean goes a long ways past any outskirt. It is about regard, respect, and obligation.

Endeavor MEN AND THE Ocean will happen from the fourth to the eleventh of Walk 2017. The Campaign Corps will leave from Cienfuegos traveling South on a 45ft Sailboat into the blue Caribbean ocean. The program amid the week incorporates: A recognition benefit on ocean; An official recognition benefit at the WWII landmark in Havana; An official visit of the Maritime Exhibition hall Cienfuegos; A gathering at the Italian Government office; An official meeting at the Hemingway historical center in Havana,; Exploring and seaward cruising in Cuban waters.

WHERE TO MEET THE Endeavor Group?

5 Walk 2017: Marina Cienfuegos

5 Walk 2017: Maritime Historical center Cienfuegos

10 Walk 2017 – 15.30 o’clock: Italian International safe haven to Cuba, Miramar

11 Walk 2017: Maritime Landmark Havana

11 Walk 2017 – 14.00 o’clock: Hemingway Historical center

For data on other meeting potential outcomes, please contact Mr. Werne.

Endeavor Group


Endeavor Pioneer: JOCHEN WERNE

The Endeavor will be acknowledged by:

The Worldwide Seaward Cruising Group,


The Global Oceanic Exhibition hall HAMBURG,


The GERMAN Culture FOR Oceanic AND Maritime HISTORY,


The MONTEGRAPPA Organization &

The MUNZ Organization

Worldwide Seaward Cruising Group

The universally granted Worldwide Seaward Cruising Group, is a gathering of committed beginner mariners contained individuals from everywhere throughout the world including e.g. Extraordinary England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, Greece, France and the Assembled States.

The Worldwide Seaward Cruising Group which explores on seas worldwide and in which many partners have maritime foundations, have made it a need to keep maritime conventions alive and to utilize endeavors as notable research stages. Endeavors on all seas of this world and difficulties like cruising till achieving the pack ice verge on 81 degree N made the Worldwide Seaward Cruising Group surely understood in the oceanic side of the equator as well as an unbiased global individuals’ strategy stage.

The group trusts it is imperative to visit the spots where history happened, to comprehend history better as well as to recall the occasions that affected the world we live in today. Thusly, the Group needs to recollect all the overcome sailors who served their nations in time of contention. As our dear companion Diminish Nixon, Director of the Channel Dash Affiliation, superbly condensed:

” … working so difficult to draw history pull out into the open and perceiving the numerous extraordinary demonstrations of boldness performed for our sake by men and ladies of all sides amid a time of contention. … It is not about Victor’s or Loser’s. … the world is a great place to live in light of the fact that it is comprised of a wide range of, yet wonderful countries…. We ought to be pleased with this reality. Similarly, we ought not be embarrassed about our past, nor should we commend it, for it was our past which made what we are today.”

Today the Group holds contacts to the Regal Places of Belgium, Incredible England and Norway and in addition abnormal state contacts to the Legislatures of Canada, Germany, Awesome England and Italy.


Undertaking MEN AND THE Ocean

c/o Jochen Werne – Undertaking Pioneer;

Ambergerstrasse 20; 81679 Munich; Germany

Portable & WhatsApp: + 49 163 701 7201



Twitter: @MenAndTheSea

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