Haleigh’s Hope Completes StrainSEEK Cannabis Strain Identification and Registration with Medicinal Genomics

Haleigh’s Trust is eager to declare that genotyping of their novel hemp strain has been finished. Haleigh’s Trust, comprising of four one of a kind strains, was precisely reproduced and developed more than seven years to guarantee a particular chemotypic profile (strength and terpene profiles). Once the fancied proportion, intensity, and terpene profiles were accomplished, the reproducing procedure was finished up and the Haleigh’s Expectation plant was sent for cutting edge DNA sequencing with Restorative Genomics.

“We are extremely eager to be one of the primary high CBD strains to be enrolled under the StrainSEEK program,” says Jason Cranford, organizer of Haleigh’s Trust. “This is the initial phase in the StrainSEEK confirmation prepare that will affirm the homogeneity of Haleigh’s Trust items with every single cluster. This procedure will likewise shield Haleigh’s Trust’s protected innovation from fake and deceitful imitators, in this way giving extra bit of brain to patients that their Haleigh’s Trust item is sheltered and true.”

The genotypic portrayal was performed through key associations with PhytaTech Labs of Denver, Colorado and Therapeutic Genomics of Woburn, Massachusetts. PhytaTech played out the chemotypic test sorts and DNA extractions while Therapeutic Genomics played out the StrainSEEK genotypic examination utilizing cutting edge DNA sequencing. The genotypic outcomes, in blend with the chemotypic comes about, take into account the interesting advanced profile of the cannabis strain to be recorded in the cloud utilizing the Bitcoin Blockchain to build up a permanent timestamped proprietorship record.

Restorative Genomics’ StrainSEEK strain recognizable proof and enrollment administration was utilized to peruse 700,000 DNA bases from Haleigh’s Trust hemp tests, and after that contrasted those bases with the momentum reference genome to distinguish single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs. SNPs are DNA bases that vary from the reference as the consequence of transformations and fill in as the reason for setting up hereditary relatedness.

The special profile of SNPs from Haleigh’s Trust hemp tests was utilized to decide its hereditary separation from the reference and furthermore for correlation with a few cannabis arrive races and numerous cutting edge cultivars. The hereditary qualities of the Haleigh’s Trust hemp tests researched were observed to be novel with the closest hereditary relatives very inaccessible (, approving that Haleigh’s Trust is an unmistakable strain and is not another strain renamed.

About PhytaTech: PhytaTech CO, LLC is a confirmed Cannabis testing office working in Denver, Colorado. PhytaTech offers the total scope of Condition of Colorado ordered Cannabis tests, and additionally a suite of other R&D tests to bolster all Cannabis organizations statewide. For more data on PhytaTech’s quick, neighborly, proficient, and complete administrations, please call 303.427.2379 or visit

About Restorative Genomics Organization: Therapeutic Genomics Company applies best in class life science innovation to Cannabis plant hereditary qualities. Our items help cultivators, dispensaries, and security testing labs portray and comprehend the nature of restorative cannabis. Therapeutic Genomics uses an exceedingly refined Cutting edge Sequencing research center, bioinformatics framework, and DNA based advancements to convey unmatched specialized answers for decode the hereditary code and quality level of restorative Cannabis. Therapeutic Genomics is an entirely claimed backup of Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc. For more data, please visit

About Haleigh’s Trust: Haleigh’s Trust is the maker of hemp determined items. It is Haleigh’s Trust’s main goal to give protected, viable, top notch items to wellbeing centered people around the world. For more data, please visit

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