Jersey Funny Guy… Jimmie Lee – The Jersey Outlaw – Comedy Reality TV Show, Dangerously Funny… Hits Big On TV!

You better get ready…..cause here he comes !! What’s more, he’s a clever person !!!!!

Jimmie Lee-The Jersey Ban has the most sultry drama reality appear on television at this moment, “Perilously Entertaining.” Jimmie and his group of delightful models riot everywhere throughout the nation for the most interesting road satire you will ever observe !! Jimmie has detonated into the drama world with his novel image of comic drama that fuses road parody with slapped together without any preparation uncensored plays that are amusing. Jay Cohen from the Las Vegas Sun says it best…”Pure disorder and commotion, down to business, uncanny, unusual, kooky and unadulterated engaging.”

Jimmie Lee’s new parody Television program has taken him everywhere throughout the nation, including stops to South Shoreline, Las Vegas, Beverly Slopes, Atlantic City, New York, Asbury Stop and more ! Furthermore, now, South Shoreline will experience the Garden State when Jimmie Lee-The Jersey Ban and the BanditoGirls ,return and rampage of Miami on January 27th for one wild and insane time, and its going to be nuts !

In this way, away we go…..

The limo entryway opens…..and Jimmie and the BanditoGirls exit , The Fugitive shows up in the cowhide coat and dim shades, shaking and kibitzing with the group, as he joins jokes, humdingers, short bits, tricks and jokes , making a scene wherever he goes ! Jimmies without any preparation conveyance, combined with the jokes and his dynamic persona are trademarks that have made Jimmie Lee a major name in the comic drama world! No one’s sheltered , when Jimmie hits the roads ! Along these lines, bolt the entryways and call the cops! The Jersey Criminal is around the local area!

Jimmies comic drama is an old school Vegas style, that joins components of Rickles, Dangerfield, and Red Foxx, with a remarkable style and smooth conveyance with some Jersey state of mind. He is a’s comic and dependably a group top pick! Jimmie has performed in every real club all through the nation, that incorporate stops to The Icehouse Drama Club in Pasadena, HaHa Parody Club in L.A., Satire Unpredictable mess at Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, Stand Up NY, The Meadowlands Comic drama Club, Comic drama Men’s club in Philly, Sapphire Comic drama Club, Free Comic drama Club and some more!

The Criminal is certainly a character and goes to extremes to engage and keep everyone on the edges of their seats! The children got charm and a touch of old fashioned class! In this insane universe of excitement, The Garden State can take pride to one fugitive of a positive outlook. That is Jimmie Lee and he’s stand-out !

For additional on Jimmie Lee, go to, Jimmie Lee YouTube channel, and Facebook-Jimmie Lee.

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