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Labyrinth Assault is a 2d bewilder and experience non mainstream created computer game. The diversion offers numerous fun and testing riddles and manager fights, which require great perception and difficulties to defeat challenges. Labyrinth Assault Kickstarter Crusade dispatches on 6/15/2017.

Investigating the universe of Labyrinth Assault, Vimgraimeneya (Vim-Grain-Men-Ne-Ya), urges players to find out about the surroundings of the labyrinth, and each character’s exceptional capacities.

At the point when the sun is available in Vemgraimeneya, riddles are less risky, and animals and more wild. At the point when the moon is available, riddles are more hazardous, and animals are less forceful.

This diversion is perfect for the individuals who appreciate the fulfilling and fun experience of beating testing confuses, while taking a voyage through a rich, profound unique story brimming with shocks and curves.

The Designers of the computer game Labyrinth Assault, is a little group of two.

Joshua West – Diversion Fashioner/Engineer

Holy messenger Tanos ( ) – Lead Character Fashioner/Animatior/

Idea Craftsmanship

Notes To The Editors

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Joshua West


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