Star Wars Episode 8: Predictions on Who Will Die Next

Star Wars fans were on the whole devastated when Han Solo, apparently the coolest person in the space adventure, was slaughtered by Kylo Ren in the last demonstration of Star Wars Scene Seven: The Compel Stirs. Commander Solo assumed a pivotal part in the primary Set of three and was viewed as a legend by the Revolt armed force, and his demise was depicted as “stunning”.

Prior to the arrival of Star Wars 7: The Constrain Stirs, devotees of the adventure did some genuine hypothesis about what might occur in the film. Speculations went from Princess Leia getting to be “Ruler Leia” to some ludicrous plots, for example, Obi Wan’s arrival or Container Shake Binks part as the new Sith Master.

Correspondingly, bits of gossip about what will occur in the primary arrangement’s next film have as of now coursed, including a few proposals that new champion Rey may end up being Skywalker’s little girl and that Kylo Ren is a mystery Jedi specialist.

We as a whole need to concede that Han’s passing on account of his child was a startling turn, however now that a large number of supporters are preparing for “Rebel One” head, a hefty portion of us are worried about what darling character will bite the dust in the following scene.

Recording of “Star Wars: Scene 8” is right now under route, with the vast majority of the shooting officially total. As indicated by Check Hamill, generation on Star Wars 8 is so mystery it resembles working for an administration organization, implying that most Star Wars 8 gossipy tidbits we heard so far are only basic theories.

The main thing we know is that the following film will get specifically where the last one completed, and keeping in mind that Rey’s part as the following Jedi friend in need is probably going to be the principle plot in the Star Wars continuation, a noteworthy demise in “Scene 8” is relied upon to have an immense effect over the world. So while you we one more year for premiere night, divert yourself with a portion of the chances and props discharged by for the following scene of this cherished blockbuster.

STAR WARS Scene 8 – WHO WILL Kick the bucket FIRST

Rey: +8000 (80/1)

Kylo Ren: +2500 (25/1)

Leia: +5000 (50/1)

General Hux: +700 (7/1)

Poe Dameron: +8000 (80/1)

Luke Skywalker: +200 (2/1)

Skipper Phasma: +1500 (15/1)

Maz Kanata: +400 (4/1)

Preeminent Pioneer Snoke: +4000 (40/1)

Finn: +8000 (80/1)

Chewbacca: +6600 (66/1)

C-3po: +5000 (50/1)

R2-d2: +5000 (50/1)

Chief of naval operations Ackbar: +6600 (66/1)

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