The Mad Hatter Holiday Festival Turns the City of Vallejo into a Wonderland of Enchantment for all to enjoy in this Maddening World with Wonder & Magic plus a Glowing Parade and Tree Lighting

The current year’s additional fascination in the square by the Tree Lighting incorporates two entrancing Smoldering Man Mold establishments: SOMA, which was made for the 2009 Blazing Man occasion by the Flaring Lotus Young ladies and was shown for a long time on San Francisco’s Wharf 14. Made of stainless steel, involving a space of around 40 feet by 25 feet and Mahtusa, a Mammoth Mechanical Squid by Nevada stone carver Barry Crawford. A hand created automated mammoth that flexes its mechanical appendages and developments.

The Parade’s Fabulous Marshal is Vallejo’s Amazing Suga-T (Sprinkle Me) who was as of late granted VH1 Hip Jump Respects by Ruler Latifah as a West Drift Female Hip Bounce Pioneer. She is likewise the author of “TGC” Youthful Grandmas Club. She is appreciated as “The Principal Woman” of her family rap aggregate The Snap including her siblings E40, D-Shot and cousin B-Genuine.

Many honor winning lit and terminating versatile craftsman contraptions ride in the Distraught Hatter Parade alongside various enriched walking groups, there are moving CAL Oceanic Cadets with their delightfully dressed accomplices and additionally various Alice in Wonderland characters including the observed Frantic Hatter, White Rabbit, Cheshire Feline, Lion Ruler and different astonishments that leave the rabbit gap from Wonderland, an uncommon visit to our Wonderland this year incorporates the Night Transport, another lit Blazing Man creation in view of Harry Potter’s Supernatural Transport ride.

The Distraught Hatter Occasion Celebration, Parade, and Tree Lighting is held Saturday, December 3, 2016 a greater amount of the Frantic Hatter exercises are held for a few ends of the week with casual get-togethers and occasion exhibitions: The Ruler Theater has daytime and night occasion appears with free section upon the arrival of the Celebration offering pictures with Santa Clause and occasion music exhibitions.

Extraordinary supper bundles are on the waterfront to see the lit watercraft parade and the all around went to highlight is the Occasion’s Great Victorian Homes Visit, Sunday, December 11, 2016 in Vallejo, CA in the Downtown Architecturally significant area (Wonderland hotline: 844-344-8793)

Wonderland Celebration Exercises starts at 1:00 PM in Solidarity Court, downtown Vallejo

Frantic Hatter Parade begins at 4:30 p.m.

Tree Lighting Function begins at 6:00 p.m.

Lit Watercraft Parade begins at 6:30 p.m.

Grant winning Blazing Man Fire Shooting versatile manifestations of stallions, winged serpents, mushrooms, and horses illuminate Vallejo’s downtown boulevards in the Frantic Hatter Occasion Celebration. An occasion skateboarding gathering will advance toward liven up the downtown before the parade and the Hatter Streak Swarm will fly up out of the blue – be readied! Live stimulation begins at 1 p.m. on three phases with singers and visitor craftsmen. There will be kids rides and additionally numerous inventive occasion intelligent exercises that will line the square. A few nourishment courts with various fine cooking styles to browse, in addition to a mysterious beautiful artisan inflatable designed stop loaded with costumed characters all around.

There will meander lit Casual get-togethers in the parade and in the square in addition to our own special “Walk of the Wooden Officers” with the CAL Sea Cadets. Numerous participants wore with top caps and Victorian clothing come in large numbers to observe Wonderland at the end of the day in the Distraught Hatter that tenets on this day!

There is Chester the Terminating Horse that Santa Clause rides in on, a reproduced shining space send that’ll fly by the parade, mammoth moving robots, Krampus puts his spell on the parade with his visit, a multi-hued Endless loop will amaze any passerby with it spell-limited turning of the lit rainbow shaded wheels, there will move steeds, and a visit from Darth Vader and many Star Wars characters taking the parade to Galactic Realms and strolling along our Legend of Vallejo, Justin Fowler. Justin is what truly matters to Vallejo, a survivor, somebody that never surrenders trust. Determined to have Cystic Fibrosis at 5 years of age and got another arrangement of lungs in 2013 has persisted through 13 surgeries and keeps on carrying on with his life loaded with trust and eagerness.

What’s more, a significant number of the downtown shippers, Victorian property holders, exhibitions, restaurants, other than the theater all partake with Wonderland shocks during the time of December.

Hyperion people group Accomplices LLC delivers in organization with the City of Vallejo various occasions and celebrations: The Distraught Hatter Occasion Celebration, Parade, and Tree Lighting, July fourth Blues and Depressions Celebration, Trepidation Night on the Waterfront for Halloween, Wine and Lager tasting Celebrations, Observing Social Assorted qualities Road Closings, Brandishing Occasions et cetera.



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