WA. Association of Wheat Growers (WAWG) Congratulates Congressman Reichert Export Council Appointment

The Washington Relationship of Wheat Cultivators commends the arrangement a week ago of Rep. Dave Reichert (R-WA) to the President’s Fare Board. The Washington state wheat industry sends out around 90 percent of its item to abroad markets, and successful exchange assentions are basic in keeping up and growing wheat markets.

“Rep. Reichert has been a stalwart supporter of exchange Washington State,” said Ben Adams, leader of the Washington Relationship of Wheat Cultivators and a rancher from Douglas Region. “Keeping up access to abroad markets is key in our industry.”

“We have had a decent working association with Rep. Reichert, and we anticipate keep teaming up with him particularly on imperative exchange issues. We need to compliment him on this energizing open door,” said Michelle Hennings WAWG Official Chief.

The President’s Fare Gathering is the country’s vital admonitory board of trustees on worldwide exchange. Rep. Reichert additionally fills in as director of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Exchange. He beforehand filled in as an individual from the fare gathering under the Obama Organization.

A few truths about the Washington state wheat industry:

– The Washington wheat industry contributed $600 million underway incentive to the state’s economy in 2015.

– Agriculture is the state’s second-biggest fare class of items transported through Washington ports.

– The wheat industry makes an exchange surplus for our state and offers the most reliable, amazing grain far and wide.

About WAWG: Instruction and effort are the heart of Washington Relationship of Wheat Cultivators action, all of which is gone for helping Washington wheat families. Since 1954, WAWG has been devoted to the improvement of the Washington wheat industry as a charitable exchange affiliation, which relies on upon volunteers, enrollment contribution and gifts to complete exercises as delegates on the state and national levels. WAWG screens state, transportation, research and normal assets arrangement and accomplices with the National Relationship of Wheat Cultivators to screen national homestead approach. Visit for more data.

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