Women of Distinction Magazine Selects Bonnie Elizabeth Gordon as a Distinguished Professional in Her Field

Bonnie Elizabeth Gordon, Chief of One World Humankind, has been perceived as a Recognized Proficient in her field through Ladies of Qualification Magazine. Bonnie Elizabeth Gordon (affectionally known as Effortlessness) was as of late included in Ladies of Refinement Magazine in 2015 and will soon be highlighted in an up and coming version of the Top Wellbeing and Health.

Moving to Salt Lake City, Utah from Boston, Massachusetts, Beauty, took after her energy and after two years shaped One World Mankind, a 501 (c) 3 non-benefit association that advances equity and comprehensiveness of the human family, supporting helpful causes around the world. Throughout the years, the association has kept on developing and develop, turning out to be increasingly dedicated to beneficent ventures and compassionate activities in Salt Lake City, India, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Marshall Islands, Conga, Africa, and Brazil to date, notwithstanding joining forces with numerous nearby, national, and universal associations. One World Mankind has finished instructive ventures in a town in Africa, brought supplies required for a little town in the Marshall Islands, helped a disease association in India, and has helped halfway houses in Costa Rica, Uganda, Haiti, and Brazil.

“The best some portion of what I do is the point at which I get the chance to go to these nations in need to convey important administrations,” Beauty said. “Overhauling the general population straightforwardly is such a compensating knowledge, it’s difficult to articulate it.”

Beauty’s diligent work and devotion in the course of recent years, consolidated with the enormous measure of bolster she’s got from people in and around the group of Salt Lake City, have incredibly added to the Middle’s general achievement.

“It’s a superb feeling to work here at One World Humankind, particularly on the grounds that I realize that everybody that is here close by are here on the grounds that they need to be,” Beauty included, taking note of that everybody that contributes by means of educating, guiding, and arranging occasions do as such intentionally.

Directly, One World Humankind is bringing up cash to bring kids home and annihilate human trafficking at their worldwide One World show LIVE in Salt Lake City on New Year’s Day 2017, amid their twentieth commemoration of their New Year’s occasion. All sides of the planet are welcome to join this all around synchronized occasion and expectation for flexibility. It can likewise be gushed live. Go to to enlist and join the flood of light over the planet on 1/1/17.

“The occasion will be a motivating approach to begin the new year with a staggering music troupe, ace artist lyricist John Astin will be there, and I will talk too,” Beauty said.

Only preceding framing One World Studio, Elegance turned into an authorized Clergyman through her congregation. She has likewise since turned into an Open Speaker, Creator, Life Mentor, Hospice Volunteer, Yoga Educator, Authorized Back rub Advisor, Shaman, Reiki Ace, Theta Healer, Rebirther, and Unity Coach. Today, she joins quite a bit of her experience into One World’s exercises, notwithstanding offering the numerous beneficent and philanthropic undertakings. One World presently serves the general population by offering yoga classes, drilling and advising administrations, enhancement courses, reflection, and otherworldly gatherings and occasions. They additionally hold neighborhood occasions to unite the group, for example, outdoors trips, excursions to nearby hot springs, and shows.

Elegance has made a site for the general population to look into neighborhood occasions. The One World Date-book is free for general society to post nearby, national, and global occasions. She likewise made a One World Commercial center, an earth well disposed, empathetic, reasonable exchange commercial center including common items that have never been tried on creatures or included in the misuse of kids, the earth, or whatever else; costs will dependably be at honest esteem. You can get to Beauty’s radio show from her site, where you’ll likewise discover the Effortlessness Channel, including developmental discussions about mankind, and additionally Elegance Ablaze video meetings and talks. Moreover, Elegance has One World News, which tries to grasp overall straightforwardness.

Facilitating talking engagements frequently upon demand, Beauty is an individual from Solidarity of Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Place for Otherworldly Living, Toastmasters, Unity College, Reiki Global, Yoga Organization together, Lucidity Honing, and Move of Widespread Peace. She has educated many courses during the time to incorporate themes on nourishment, child rearing, wealth, too courses on self esteem, breath work, and others. She’s likewise a dynamic Mentor at Lucidity Guiding, shows yoga and reflection, and is a coach and gift provider in the Salt Lake City Deeksha people group. As a distributed Writer, she has composed five books: ‘You Are the One’; ‘Arousing to Who You Genuinely Are’; ‘The Recolored Glass Window’; ‘Another Account of Creation’; and ‘The Effortlessness Journals’. Beauty holds a BS in Brain science from Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, is a stream ski best on the planet, and ran crosscountry in the Lesser Olympics.

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